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🤖 Are you ready to become a selfie comic hero?

In this series of comic books, you'll be able to face your fate head-on and save the Universe! from impending danger! 🦠

This superhero adventure is safe for all Earthlings, and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. With hilarious dialogue, cool illustrations, and an exciting story, this selfie comic book app is safe and fun for all ages!

Get ready to save the day, and be your own selfie comic hero! 😱

⭐️Fresh Quest Comic Book App makes YOU (or any child) the star of their sci-fi selfie comicbook adventure. 

Cartoonify YOUR selfie and fall into crazy-weird space adventure!

Selfie Comic (Australia) has developed this to help to build a child's confidence and promote longer reading engagement! 😀

❤️The Selfie Comic app works totally Offline!

😀No Ads or subscriptions!

🤖 It's great for long journeys in cars, planes, trains, the schools bus and

even intergalactic flying saucers! 🛸

👽Share with your family or Aliens and enjoy as many time as you like!

👍🏻Redownload and check for FREE updates!

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The Fresh Quest Saga

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