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The red Monks of Meta-4
CODEX Instructions

How to use the Codex Puzzle

Throughout this cosmic selfie #comicbook app, you will encounter a series of coded messages. These codex puzzles are helpful to access a vehicle or to gain entry to a building, a vehicle or a spaceship. 

The Codex Puzzle Decoder is based on the classic Caesar cipher invented by Julius Caesar himself. It's the simplest method of 
encryption techniques but can be surprisingly difficult to crack. In fact, the opposing army during the Roman Empire took 450 years to understand how it worked.

The concept is simple. Each letter of the text is given a number and is offset a fixed number of positions down the alphabet. The solution is always simple when you know the answer!

To decipher the Codex Puzzle message you must:

1. Locate the hidden number in the preceding pages of the comic story pages. The key code may be a number or a word. Example-'8 or Eight.'

2. Turn the Codex inner (small) ring that the key number moves clockwise.

3.  'LOCK' the two dials together with the LOCK button.

4. Turn the outer (large) ring so the first letter in the upper coded
message panel is visible in the small loop window (A/A).

5. Then press the ACCEPT button to confirm. 

6. The decoded letter will appear in the lower window if you have found the correct key number [some of the key codes may be 'red-herrings']. If you require help along the way press the GUIDE button for instructions.

* If you make a mistake or choose the incorrect key code number simply press the
BACK button.

 Good Luck Young Selfinaut!

Selfie Comic Codex Puzzle Guide

Codex Instruction Guide
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