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Test Pilots

It was a difficult time during the development of such a unique and complex mobile technology. The Selficom scientists, engineers, and designers carried out hundreds of photo-imaging tests on numerous IOS formats. The most challenging proved to be background removal with so many variables like lighting, material finish, and patterned wallpaper. 

The skin tonal art-filters underwent extensive trials over many years.

It proved a far more challenging expedition into the unknown but we all knew these genius eggheads would finally crack it, and they did!


Many volunteers found the 'selfie' strain just too much to bear (especially the bears!). But a brave few pushed on through the many years of hardship and pain. These brave souls have helped in so many ways to bring this unique and groundbreaking mobile app into being. Selficom will forever be thankful for their commitment and courage wherever they may be in the Universe or even further away.

Thank you Testpilots-One and All.

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