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Mission Directive

Ok, so you have downloaded the Fresh Quest #comicbook app and now you have fallen through a wormhole! 

Grow up already! Look, we've all had days like that. Get over ya' self!


Your Mission directive is to recover 'The Fresh' otherwise the Universe is going to sink into a giant mess of nasty diseases and I'm not talking a chesty cough or a toe fungus here buddy, I'm talking the plague, Covid, ebola and much worse!


You, yeh YOU (with the spots sitting on the sofa playing arcade games) must recover this most precious and priceless gift and return it to the

High Priestess on Novas Sedes.


Luckily your model spaceship ‘Bluebird One’ survived the wormhole

but has somehow changed. So too has your action-figure 'Commander' Space toy! The spaceships interface has the reassuring appearance of an emoji and answers to the name ‘Emojoe’.

This character will be your guide will assist you on your mission.

Find the Monks of Meta-4, who are your only hope. As they hold the key to locating 'The Fresh'. They are the guardians of the Oculus Magnifica. An ancient seeing device for looking around corners and peering into distant galaxies (in a good way) and discovering its secrets.


You must scour the galaxies to find the 'Essence of each Season' which will power up the archaic telescope and allow the search to continue. Time is not on your side as the virus's and bacteria grow to a mega-scale and consume all that they find. All you have is your skill, knowledge and a 3D printer to build an armory that will hopefully keep you alive long enough to recover 'The Fresh' and stabilize the Universe once more.


So, are YOU willing to become a 'selfinaut' and fight the good fight?

Or is today the day you're scheduled to vacuum the cat?

Just press the big blue App Store button below to escape your world!

Mission Directive
Astroid Refuel-360
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