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Selfie Comic Free Hyper Ticket

Your Ticket to a New Dimension is Here.


Bored of Earth? Tired of self-isolation, Covid jabs and quarantine?

Your avatar is waiting for you. A chance to escape the monotony of

your humdrum boring Earthbound existence with a 

unique comic selfie app where you are the hero!

A new beginning in a distant universe full of adventure and weird stuff.

 Visit the Fresh Quest Comic on the App Store today and

download a truly crazy-weird story in a  one of a kind selfie comic app.

An adventure where YOU are the hero! I'm talking to you buddy!

Are you brave enough to explore new planets?

Smart enough to crack the Codex?

Do you have the patience to learn new ways?


Can you recover 'The Fresh' and return safely home to

Nocas Sedes intime for dinner? Find the thief before it finds you! 

Are you some kinda giant chicken have you never cartooned yourself?


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