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Hyper Warp Drive

Hyper warp Drive

The first evidence of Hyper-Warp Bubble Distortion was purely a late evening accident.
Dr. Max Stellar Ph. Art, Professor of Wool Theory at the Yak Propulsion Laboratory, was enjoying a mug of delicious hot chocolate when his chocolate chip cookie started to soften and bend. The more the cookie bent the more time and space distorted. This was surely more than a simple sugar rush! Inevitably the cookie softened so much it fell apart and dropped into the mug of hot sweet goodness with a splash! The milky bubble created by the cookie expanded beyond the mug and engulfed the Professor. Just nanoseconds later the unsuspecting Professor found himself standing in the Pentagon's War Room in his green pajama's! How embarrassing is that!
It proved to be much more than a simple sugar rush.
So Hyper-warp theory was established. The world's best scientists, engineers, and tea-ladies gathered together to build an engine that could replicate the amazing molten cookie event. After many late nights and numerous cups of hot chocolate and several hundred varieties of chocolate chip cookies later the
'Chocomoccaloco Drive' was perfected. Allowing YOU as the selfienaut to travel through the vast infinity in your avatar comic book adventure.
One small step for man, one giant leap for bedtime beverages.

Crazy Mad Scientist holding cookie warp drive.
Hyperwarp cookie theory diagram in Fresh Quest Comic

The Hyper-Warp Bubble Distortion Principle

Deadly Encounter
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