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The Bozo-Hiccup Puppies

Hiccup Puppies

As the enormous Haddock Collider powered up its 27 km magnetic ring, the two brave haddocks flew through the vacuum at near the speed of light. As the fish collide the atom was split and the Bozo-hiccup effect was witnessed for the first time in history. Success!

However success comes at a price. A wave of peculiar orange light circumnavigated the Earth. This unknown phenomenon created by the Bozo-Hiccup effect made every canine (and a few other species) called 'Bozo' across all four Continents hiccup! How bizarre.


Below is the scientific proof of dogs from all nations hiccuping in their own language. Well, it makes life interesting. This crazy-weird stuff could only happen in a selfie comic app called Fresh Quest Comic!

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