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A new war an old enemy

The planet has been in turmoil since the day it was born. The volcanoes, the dinosaurs, the shocking plagues, horrible famines and the pointless wars. But this time its different. 

Those tragic and horrific events happened to someone else, somewhere else in another time. Sadly both global wars changed the lives of our great grandparents and parents. But this is our war. It's not a Hot War or even a Cold War, its a War of Attrition. A moment in Earths history when you do your part by doing nothing.

A time when we play our part in saving humanity, saving people we will never meet or know. We have been ordered by the Governments of Planet Earth, the authorities both medical, military and law enforcement to avoid others or suffer severe penalties. This concept of distance and non interaction is not what super social human beings do. We are designed to mix and mingle and interact.

Gone are the shared moments with our friends and distant families. Gone are social gatherings with people we love. Doing exactly what we want when and with whom we want. But what we can learn from this is to invest in the people we do share our homes and lives with. Its no longer about staring into a phone screen and ignoring the people who truly care about you whilst texting someone on the other side of the world you will probably never meet. Or wasting hours, days and weeks playing a dumb game rather than playing and bonding with your siblings.

Look around you and say something kind and sincere to the friends and family near you right now, yes right now. Invest your empty moment by learning something useful. Perfect a skill that will help you when this mess is over. Share and engage with your little brother or sister and make a friend for life.

At Selficom Pte Ltd we have developed a story telling app that both encourages children to read and expand their vocabulary whilst having fun. As a teacher of too many years, I know accidental learning is the easiest way to absorb new information without even knowing its happening. Thats how humans have been learning and evolving forever. I designed #FreshQuestComic so children of any age, ability or culture can escape into an imaginary cosmos and be the hero of their own adventure.

Be strong and be kind to the people around you.

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