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How can my child be the star in an exciting space adventure comic?

You Are The Hero

There is only one digital 'comic-book' that has a feature allowing your child to be the star of the comic and that is Fresh Quest Comic. A digital comic that is designed to make the reader the hero of the story.

The merits of the reader being the star of the story are numerous. Firstly, seeing ones face on the cover helps increase engagement at a deeper level. Secondly, it extends the reading time and commitment to the characters adventure and thirdly helps in building confidence when you see how well you cope with new and exiting adventures.

This unique storyline is an epic saga to recover 'The Fresh' before the Universe sinks into eternal decease and despair. Are you ready for the mission?

As the selfie is an international phenomenon that crosses all borders and culture, the app is designed to work for children of all ages, gender, race and ability.

The Fresh Quest Comic app has been engineered to work totally offline. So parents can rest assured that photos of their child are not going beyond the safety of the mobile device. This offline operation has a number of distinct user benefits:

  • The app works anywhere, on the beach, a train, plane or schools ride home. As it receives and broadcasts nothing it's safe to read the comic in hospital wards whilst a child is convalescing. There is no interference with any medical equipment.

  • There are no Ads, no Data transfers (account details etc)

  • No selfie uploads. Not even to the company (Selficom Pte Ltd) that has created the Fresh Quest Comic app.

It's very simple to use considering just how complicated it is to take a selfie and rescale, cartoonify and position in all the right places throughout the comic. It all begins by taking three selfies with the iPhone/iPad camera. The three selfies should be three separate emotional gestures from smiling, neutral and angry. These facial gestures are automatically located into the appropriate moment in the story creating the illusion that the reader is interacting with the immediate circumstances.

The app's Selfie-Cam Interface.

After each selfie is taken the reader is ask to accept or retake the selfie. Once the 'Accept' button is pressed the software removes the background and cartoonify's the face to fit into the comic drawing style.

Every space daredevil requires a sci-fi hairstyle and Fresh Quest comic has a few to offer. The Hairstyle Selex offers a range of headwear from sci-fi, cultural, NASA (snoopy) Comm's caps and plain funny. The most recent addition is the Manga masks which make the reader look like a typical anime comic character.

Once all three selfies are taken and the hairstyles have been selected the reader is presented with a gallery of their selfies, twelve in total. These selfie images are stored within the mobile devices memory and are not transferred to the iPhoto library or anywhere else. Note-Once deleted they are totally deleted and can not be recovered.

Simply press the lower windows to load your chosen selfie.

The Selfienaut Gallery, select the expression and style look you want.

Once all the emotional selector windows are loaded simply press 'GO' this will instantly position, scale, angle and locate each selfie into the appropriate comic illustration. Delete the selfie by pressing on the selfie and a red trash button will appear.

An example of a rescaled, cartooned, realigned and located selfie in episode four and twelve..

The Fresh Quest Comic can be read as many times as you wish, choosing with different hairstyles and expressions as you like. The app can be downloaded at anytime for free software and hairstyle updates. The app works on any member of the family so enjoy.

Fresh Quest comic is designed by parents and teachers from Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Checkout the homepage for more information and the Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact


The Fresh Quest Comic is available from the Apple App Store, see link button below. Episode One FREE.



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